First Steps To Take After You’re Injured At Work

Injured on the job? You may not even know where to begin. You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits for work injuries, but you need to follow a precise process to be eligible for those benefits.

Our attorneys at Figueredo Law Offices, LLC, have seen far too many workers miss the opportunity to secure workers' compensation due to their inaction or mistake following their injury. If you are injured at work in Georgia, make sure you follow these first steps.

1. Report The Injury To Your Supervisor

In order to be eligible for workers' compensation benefits at all, you need to report your injury to your supervisor within 30 days of its occurrence or diagnosis. Be sure to file your report in writing, so there is no disagreement or deniability later on. After you file your report, your employer will have to complete several steps on their end to begin the process of securing your claim.

2. Seek Medical Treatment

Once your injury is reported, employers will direct you to a physician within their network for you to seek medical treatment. In emergencies, go to the hospital on your own and seek immediate care. If you fail to seek treatment, you may forego your right to compensation. This is perhaps the most important step — not only for your workers' compensation claim, but for the sake of your own health.

3. Keep Records Of Everything

Should any disputes rise up in the months ahead, you will want to make sure you have all the paperwork you need to secure the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under the workers' compensation system. Keep records of all medical treatment, time off work, communications with your employer and more. Anything relating to your work accident — you will want to retain documentation for.

4. Continue Your Treatment

This is just as vital as beginning your treatment. Be sure to continue your medical treatment until you have reached a full recovery. Trust the process — employers have the legal obligation to care for you if you are injured while working for them. Keep records of any and all doctor's visits, prescriptions, rehabilitation, therapy and more. Without your continued treatment and documentation of that continued treatment, you may receive fewer benefits than you need to recover.

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