Representing Construction Workers, Contractors And More

Construction and real estate development can be dangerous work. With so many parties involved in the project, any one slip-up could lead to a devastating accident in which you sustain severe injuries. At Figueredo Law Offices, LLC, in Roswell, we have experience in a wide variety of construction accident claims, including:

  • Construction site falls
  • Forklift accidents
  • Burns or electrocution
  • Injuries caused by heavy equipment
  • Roofing, ladder or scaffolding accidents

We proudly represent any party injured while working on a construction project, including construction workers and contractors.

Fighting For The Recovery You Need

At Figueredo Law Offices, LLC, we have decades of experience thoroughly investigating construction accident claims across Georgia. Our lawyers are personally invested in your recovery, and will work tirelessly for the compensation you need to make a full recovery. You may be entitled to compensation for any medical treatment, lost wages, disabilities, therapy and more. Contact our firm today to discuss what damages you may be entitled to receive.

Construction Accident On The Job? We Can Help.

If your accident was caused by the typical risks of your employment, you may have a workers' compensation claim rather than a personal injury claim. Our law firm focuses its practice on both of these areas of law, and can determine which forms of compensation you are entitled to receive under which system.

In some circumstances, in the event your accident occurs on the job but due to the actions of a third party, you could make a personal injury claim while also claiming workers' compensation. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your unique case with our attorneys — call 770-901-2873 today, or reach out online to get started.